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Our History and Purpose

Cigno – Mergers and Acquisitions was established by founder and managing partner Jens Møller in 2005. Jens came with extensive experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, accounting, and management, including experience at renowned national and international firms since 1996.
Over time, our company developed with more highly experienced partners, with a specific skill set of expertise in different industries.

Our Danish team

In 2016, Cigno joined the international network of Mergers & Acquisitions, M&A Worldwide. Through this network of over 400 professionals, specialized in international mergers and acquisitions, Cigno gained access to investors, buyers and sellers worldwide.

Our International team

Cigno is an independent Danish M&A advisory company and a partner of M&A Worldwide (MAWW).

We operate with strong expertise in valuation, acquisition and sale of companies as well as raising capital for business development.

For cross-border deals, we work closely with our MAWW partners in other countries. An international collaboration where we benefit mutually from our common knowledge of the general development and trends within the industry groups.

Both in national and cross-border deals, we benefit from our global organization. We have access to a vast amount of knowledge and access to potential buyers and sellers of companies.

We are constantly developing MAWW so that we become active in more markets. At present we are present in 30 markets with +400 active colleagues, and we are actively working to cover an even larger part of the world.

We are always independent of other advisers such as banks, lawyers, and accountants.
Our services and consultancy are delivered in a down-to-earth, straightforward, and direct way that helps us see eye to eye with all the parties involved. We want to breathe fresh life into the consultancy industry and provide competent professional advice that gives our clients the best possible basis for making decisions.

Why Us

You will meet a team of people "who have tried it themselves" - a team that has had many of the strategic situations and choices that you are in now.

Our Value Proposition

More about our Industry Expertise

We bring over 25 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions. We are based in Denmark and work closely with the international network, M&A Worldwide, with over +400 experts in +30 countries. Therefore, as our client, you will benefit from our international contacts and their experience and know-how. We all work together to ensure a seamless international M&A process.

In addition, we have expertise in 12 Industries:


25 years of expertise in M&A advisory


Part of an international network of +400 experts in +30 countries


Specific expertise in 12 Industry Groups

Cross-Border M&A

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Cigno belongs to the international association of M&A advisory companies – M&A Worldwide. Its focus is exclusively on international M&A. This allows us to cooperate with over 400+ affiliated specialists in over 30 countries. We all work together, benefiting from our international contacts, experience and know-how and ensuring a seamless international M&A process. This cooperation is essential for cross-border transactions.

As our client, you will be sure to gain access to target companies, investors, buyers and sellers worldwide.

The Danish Team

Jens Møller

Managing Partner

Morten Christensen


Lars Søndergaard


Tania Braga

Senior Advisor & Project Manager

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Worldwide Team

As part of the international network, M&A Worldwide, we work closely with over 400 professionals on advisory of cross-border transactions.

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