Advanced Manufacturing

Cigno and our international team, M&A Worldwide, specialize in 12 industry groups. Each Industry Group gathers experienced M&A practitioners with sector-specific areas of expertise from different geographical regions, including Denmark.

This group covers the manufactory industry and is always keeping track of its developments, as well as new demands and strategic requirements, enabling us to be a valuable M&A partner.

The strong pursuit of automation and digitization in manufacturing facilities worldwide, is expected to continue driving mergers and acquisitions.

As the world increases its efforts to become more efficient, so do manufacturing companies. Technology continues to develop, helping productivity and efficiency, including the more recent technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchain.

According to our Worldwide Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Group, these are the sector’s trends:

  • More investments in digital
  • More focus on 3D Printing
  • Investment focused on streamlining businesses.
  • Consolidation of businesses that can’t invest.

Working with us will allow you to benefit from the in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the advanced manufacturing and automation sector.

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Jens Møller

Managing Partner