Financial Services

Cigno and our international team, M&A Worldwide, specialize in 12 industry groups. Each Industry Group gathers experienced M&A practitioners with sector-specific areas of expertise from different geographical regions, including Denmark.

This group covers the Financial Services industry and is always keeping track of its developments, as well as new demands and strategic requirements, enabling us to be a valuable M&A partner.

Financial institutions and regulators are being severely shaped by new technologies.

There is the use of a wider range and volume of data gathering and analytical enabling regulators to compare scenarios and address potential issues before they become full-scale market problems. “These elements, combined with the more traditional pillars of the financial markets, bring new challenges to the M&A industry” (M&A Worldwide, 2021).

Despite regulation and other potential barriers for entry, we see tremendous demand for FinTech-related services in areas such as consumer banking and wealth management. (M&A Worldwide, 2021).

It is expected that financial services will soon follow the shared economy trend, creating connections between providers and users of capital. (M&A Worldwide, 2021).

According to our Worldwide Financial Services Group, these are the sector’s trends:

  • Automated wealth managers technology is emerging
  • M&A players more active in Big Data
  • Public cloud is becoming the relevant model
  • Regulators are paying more attention to technology

Working with us will allow you to benefit from the in-depth and up-to-date knowledge and experience in the financial services sector.

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