Company Sales

Our Service

We possess extensive and broadly based experience from the sale of companies in a variety of different sectors. Our highly competent organisation and close networking partners enable us to provide solid advice to business owners, including the setting of realistic goals and the efficient execution of the entire sales process to very high standards.

Typical clients of the company sales service:
  • Businesses that are facing succession, or are thinking about selling to an industrial partner, an existing or new management (MBO/MBI), a private equity fund etc.

  • Corporate groups/companies wanting to divest companies/activities outside their core area of activity.

  • Private equity and venture capital firms that want an exit strategy for their portfolio companies.

Our sell-side process

The sales process involves several phases and often stretches over a long period of time. It is therefore advisable to begin preparations in cooperation with us as early as possible, to pave the way for a solution which is optimised from both a commercial, legal and financial point of view.

We also act as consultants, for the buyer side. In such situations, there will be a considerable need for specialist advice on topics such as valuation, acquisition model, terms of negotiation and negotiation tactics, the management of the due diligence process and the assessment of alternative buyers.

We handle the entire sales process from the initial analysis and preparatory phase to the final negotiations and structuring of the closing – all in close collaboration with the company’s other advisers, including auditors and lawyers.

Due to our network, we can obtain investors or buyers both in Denmark and internationally, through our extensive network.

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