Internet, Software & Technology

Cigno and our international team, M&A Worldwide, specialize in 12 industry groups. Each Industry Group gathers experienced M&A practitioners with sector-specific areas of expertise from different geographical regions, including Denmark.

This group covers the internet, software & technology industries and is always keeping track of its developments, as well as new demands and strategic requirements, enabling us to be a valuable M&A partner.

“The IT players have been balancing between “in-house” growth and growth through acquisitions. Time to market and access to a larger scale to amortize the R&D costs explain the stream of M&A in the IT industry” (M&A Worldwide, 2021).

According to our Worldwide Internet, Software & Technology Group, these are the sectors’ trends and highlights:

  • High levels of VC and PE investment
  • A dynamic market means a higher risk of obsolescence
  • Fast growth businesses driving high valuations
  • The IST market is very active for M&A deals

Working with us will allow you to benefit from the in-depth and up-to-date knowledge and experience on the internet, software, and technology sectors.

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