Construction & Real Estate

Cigno and our international team, M&A Worldwide, specialize in 12 industry groups. Each Industry Group gathers experienced M&A practitioners with sector-specific areas of expertise from different geographical regions, including Denmark.

This group covers the construction and real estate industries and is always keeping track of its developments, as well as new demands and strategic requirements, enabling us to be a valuable M&A partner.

Construction and Real Estate is highly influenced by the economy’s fluctuation.

“Real Estate is an investment class, and as such, its pricing, whether as the yield from rentals or capital gains/losses made when selling, tends to move with the broader market. Financing is a significant feature of this sector” (M&A Worldwide, 2021), and so it is necessary to have expertise in evaluating the less obvious options available for investment.

According to our Worldwide Construction and Real Estate group, these are the sector’s trends:

  • Sector´s continuous restructuring
  • Liquidity is key in uncertain times
  • Players become more sophisticated
  • Bigger active investors

Working with us will allow you to benefit from the in-depth and up-to-date knowledge and experience in the construction and real estate sector.

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